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If you wish for the photostory of your wedding day to be truly unique and distinctive, it is very important to determine which style of wedding photography would fully convey you individuality.My guide to the world of contemporary wedding photography helps to make this task easy and fun.
1. Classic photostyle.
If you love the time-honored wedding traditions, then the Classic Style is for you. The traditional Classic Style was born with the advent of the wedding photography and continues to flourish today. In this style the key events of your wedding day are captured in the form of posed pictures and portraits, reflecting the most cherished and unrepeatable moments. The Classic Style is finesse and romance, which will look relevant at all times. It is a perfect addition to an elegant and refined classic wedding.
2.Fine Art photostyle.
A wedding photosession in the Fine Art style is a blend of beauty and delicacy. This style emerged in the world of wedding photography fairly recently but already won the hearts of many brides. The character of this style makes it a natural match for a wedding photosession and is used by photographers in Europe as well as America. Each wedding photographer executed in the Fine Art style is filled with airiness and light. This style of wedding photography would suite any couple since first and foremost it is focused on capturing emotions and beauty of the wedding day and connection between two people in love.  The Fine Art style blends enchantment and tenderness of the moment. If your dream is to capture your feelings in a way that is filled with light and affection, then this style is for you.     
3.Documentary (Candid)  photostyle.
The distinguishing feature of the Documentary Style is that it truly captures the moment, shows your real emotions and feelings as they happen rather than just the staged occasions. A good wedding photojournalist goes beyond simply capturing the main events of the day; he enriches each moment and situation with his vision and connection to what is happening. The Documentary Style embodies my ability to catch the culmination of event as it is unfolding. If you choose the Documentary Style, your photographs will be full of emotions and feelings, and your wedding album will tell your wedding story through candid shots, black-and-white pictures, tears of joy and smiles of happiness.
4.Glamour photostyle.
If you are crazy about beautifully styled photographs from fashion magazines, and your wedding is best described with words like “glamour,” “fashion,” and “trends,” then a wedding photosession in the Glamour Style is for you. During creation of your wedding album in the Glamour Style you will become a model from the glamourous world of fashion and will feel like a queen. Every shot will be executed like a cover of a fashion magazine – flawlessly, with every little detail carefully chosen and perfectly arranged. Photographs in this style offer lots of room for creativity and blend sensuality and elegance.
5.Hollywood photostyle.
Hollywood is a relatively new and very original style of wedding photography, which combines darker tones, mistiness, and captivating atmosphere of the world of cinema. If in the décor of your wedding there is an abundance of intense, deep hues, and you wish that your wedding photographs would be reminiscent of shots from a movie, then this style will suite like no other.
A contemporary photographer is more like a screen-writer or a director. Working with a newlywed and their guests, I create a beautiful fairy-tale, tell a captivating story deserving to take a worthy place in the family album. However, the story itself can be created only by you!

Classic, candid or glamour. What is your wedding photography style?